Sunday, November 23, 2008

So, that's what it's going to be like...

I've been so bad about blogging lately, which was part of my initial hesitation about even starting a blog...knowing that I probably wouldn't always be able to keep up with it. But it's kinda stupid to have blogger's guilt, right? Like most people don't have enough to worry about in life without worrying about blogging consistently! That's just silly. Last time I ended with a teaser that I would blog about our engaged encounter weekend. But, while there were some comedic moments that happened, somehow now that weekend seems so long ago! We did have a good time, and it was what we expected in some ways, and not what we expected in others. I kept our notebooks from that weekend, because I think it will be fun to look back on later and read what we wrote to each other.

This past weekend was really great. I had friends and family in from out of town, and I had a bridal shower given by Lisa and her mother Connie. Everything was so nice, from the food to the company, to the presents! I have been really spoiled this month. Ted's mom also gave me a nice shower a few weeks ago where I was able to meet many of her friends. Like sending out our invitations, having someone throw you a shower is one of those events that you have participated in throughout the years for other people, and it is strange when it finally happens to you.

My lovely bridal showers have come and gone. And the thing is, when I think about my shower last night, I can't believe how fast it all went by. And that's when I realized that this is what the wedding might be like, and that all those married people just might be right: that your wedding day is over before you know it. I guess there is no way to avoid it, so the only thing to do is make sure to enjoy every second. Does anyone remember that bad 80's sitcom where the girl could make time stand still by touching her two index fingers together? What was that show? I think it was called Out of this World. And her Dad worked in outer space and she communicated with him through some strange radio-like device?? Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyway, the point is that making time stand still might be a useful ability to have at the wedding. Too bad it's completely a fictional talent.

Oh, here it is, I found it:

Remembering obscure 80's tv shows and song lyrics is one of my unique and useless talents.

Today I was able to go with Dave, Lisa, and Sophia to see a stage production of the musical Annie, one of my personal favorites from childhood. I gave Sophia the DVD for her birthday this year, and it has been so fun to see her start singing all the songs. She loved the show, and I think we spent just as much time watching for Sophia's reaction to the show as we did actually looking at the stage. I thought it was so funny that at the end when everyone was applauding for the cast, when the villains like Miss Hannigan, Rooster, and Rooster's trashy girlfriend walked up to take a bow, Sophia immediately stopped clapping and made a face. She was not about to clap for the bad guys.

I really wish I worked for one of those schools that has the whole week off. I know, I shouldn't complain, because so many people only have Thanksgiving Day off. Actually, I really shouldn't complain at all because the good news is that I have a job. Nevertheless, it would be pretty awesome if I had the whole week off. I am making some kind of appetizer or side dish to bring to Thanksgiving, and I don't know what I am bringing. Is it bad that I am more concerned about what kind and how much ribbon I need to get for the favors than what I am bringing to Thanksgiving?

Ted and I are going to get our marriage license on Wednesday. That will be one huge item to check off the list!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Raining!

Right now it just started raining for the first time this fall, and for some reason I am so happy to see and hear the rain. Normally, I mourn the passing of summer. I love summer, and I love warm weather. I deal with heat much better than I do the cold. So, normally this time of year is a downer for me. The days start getting shorter, and the weather gets colder. I really dislike being cold.

But, it doesn't seem to be bothering me this time around, and I'm pretty sure I know why. Now, normally at this point I would state a disclaimer that anyone who is not in the mood to read something cheesy should stop reading now, but since Devon is the only person who knows about my blog right now and I know she won't mind my cheesy-ness, no disclaimer needed. But I suppose one day others will read this blog, so if you are one of those future readers, consider yourself forewarned.

I don't think I mind the onset of colder weather because it means that my wedding day is getting closer. 58 Days to be exact. I never thought I would get married in the winter. Ever. It's the last season I would have predicted I would get married in. But, ever since we decided on a date I've become even more excited about a winter wedding and I think it's a good fit for us. We met in the winter, after all. Plus, I am really hoping that I will be too delirous with joy to notice that I'm freezing my a@$ off.

Ted and I have our engaged encounter weekend starting tomorrow. I can't imagine that I won't have something to blog about when I get home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

How many strawberries is too many?

On Saturday afternoon I was on my way home after running the ACT exam at CB when Ted called. He had just gotten back to my house after his run, and he had run past a man selling strawberries. He said they smelled incredibly good, and asked me to pick up some on my way home. Sure, no problem. I was literally about to turn down the street where said strawberry man had set up shop, so it would be easy for me to make the stop. Easy to make the stop, yes. Easy to complete the transaction...not so much. See, neither one of us could speak the other's language, so the bartering process became a bit more difficult. But what I could determine is that the man was not able to sell me strawberries unless I could buy an entire flat of them. Hmm...what to do. I didn't want to come home empty-handed, but hadn't planned on buying that many strawberries. Ultimately, I caved, gave the man my money, and carried the largest amount of strawberries I had ever purchased at one time to my car. I walked through the front door and told Ted that I hoped he was ready to eat some strawberries, and he just stared at me in disbelief. You know what one of those little green baskets of strawberries looks like? Yeah, I walked in with 18 of those in a cardboard box. What was I thinking? So, I decided that I would make a pie. I had never made a strawberry pie before, but I had made other pies, so how hard could it be? Really, it wasn't that hard, but I get anxious when I am trying out recipes for the first time, because I'm afraid I will make something that tastes horrible. Plus, there's that whole process of guessing throughout the cooking process, "Is this what it's supposed to look like?" I made sure to buy new corn starch, because the corn starch I had did not have an expiration date and I was afraid of making something toxic. I read a story a while back about a man who died because he made pancakes from an expired box of Bisquick, and ever since then I have been obsessive about checking the dates on food. Yes, I can be a bit neurotic sometimes. Ted, while he has his own eccentricities, is different, he doesn't really care about following recipies and throws things together off the top of his head. While I was fretting about whether or not the fruit sauce for the pie was turning out properly, he was putting together a tasty salad dressing by tossing together items already in my kitchen. Grr.

The pie-making process was truly a joint effort. Ted came up with idea of adding a bottom layer of jello no-bake cheesecake, so the finished product turned out quite tasty. We took one to Steve and Alison's for dinner that night, where Michelle (who is 3) declared it, "the most alicious pie I ever eat!", so I guess we did a good job. We made a second pie and gave it to his brother Nick this morning. So, between the strawberries we used for the pies, the basket Ted ate when I first brought them home, the three baskets he took home tonight for the poker game, and the basket I kept for myself, none of the strawberries are going to waste, which makes me happy. When I first placed the box of strawberries in my car, I had a vision of most of them ending up going bad and having to be tossed, so I'm really glad we were resourceful and didn't let that happen. I really wish I had taken a picture of the pies, it might have added a little pizazz to this otherwise mediocre post.

So, that's pretty much the highlight from this weekend. I'm still not confident that this blog is even remotely interesting, possibly even to myself included. But, I will keep making attempts every now and then, and perhaps one day I might even start telling people I am working on a blog in the first place.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I really never thought I would do this...

...having a blog, I mean. Who really wants to read my rambling thoughts, right? But, like Harry Potter and Facebook, sometimes I turn my nose up at things that I later get completely sucked into and wonder why I didn't try them sooner. So Julia and Devon, I primarily blame you for inspiring me with your blogs and sucking me into the vortex! We'll see how this goes, I'm still not entirely certain if I will become a regular blogger, but I wouldn't be surprised if I do.

Right now I should be stamping my wedding invitations. So exciting, and yet so strange too. I have excitedly opened many a wedding invitation in my lifetime, but this time I am sending MY very own wedding invitations...hee hee. It's fun.

Ok, I really should be doing other things right now, but for a first attempt at a blog entry, I guess this is ok. Alright, yes, I know it really wasn't interesting at all, but I'll work on it. For now, let's see if I can figure out how to post a picture. Maybe later on, this will be a good place for wedding planning commentary, wedding and honeymoon recap, and then updates every now and then on all the fun things that Ted and I are up to.